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First Baptist has a wide variety of groups and committees for prayer, learning, fellowship, mutual support and ongoing spiritual development. Joining a church group is a great way to meet new people and get involved in an activity you enjoy. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about any of the boards, committees and groups listed below.

Board of Christian Education - Just as Jesus said, "Go forth into all the world and teach," so the Board of Christian Ed. manages the lifeblood of our church - its growth through education. Two of their major programs during the year are the annual Easter and Christmas programs.

Board of Deacons - The members of this board are spiritual guides for the congregation, tasked with caring for the sick, ministering to those in need and rejoicing with those newly saved. They assist the pastor in his duties and surpervise all aspects of the worship service.

Board of Trustees - Just as the church is made up of its people, the people are sheltered by the church. The Trustees are responsible for maintaining the physical aspects of the church, managing everything from budget matters and the endowment fund to refurbishing floors and fixing stopped up drains.

Board of Missions - This board organizes four national special offerings throughout the year, local missions efforts in the community and financially assists our church's missionaries. They are also in charge of handling all missions and outreach activities in the church, as well as several subsidiary groups.

Decorating Committee - This group is in charge of regularly maintaining all of the decorations throughout the church during the course of the year, from the massive "Hanging of the Greens" event after Thanksgiving to the sacramental cloth used week by week in the Sanctuary.

Finance and Audit Committee - If you like to crunch numbers, this committee is the place for you. Charged with monitoring the budget and expense reports for the entire church, this group ensures our educational and missionary efforts are fulfilled each year through their careful monitoring.

Music Committee - Dedicated to the worship of God through music, this committee helps arrange the musical portions of the worship service in consultation with the pastor. They also act in an advisory capacity with the organist and choir director, and direct any and all musical outreach efforts in the church.

Nominating Committee - By seeking out and interviewing potential candidates for positions in the church, the nominating committee helps to make sure everyone interested in being elected to any board or committee gets a chance to join. They are also in charge of replacing members whose posts become vacant.

Pastoral Relations Committee - Designed to ensure that communication is at its highest level, this committee acts as a liasion between the pastor and the congregation.

Social Committee - The social committee directs all of the social activities in the church, from major banquets to small fetes, in coordination with the Board of Christian Education. They also help manage reception aspects of funerals, bridal showers and weddings in our Fellowship Hall.

Ushering Committee - This team of ushers throughout the year ensures that there are always friendly faces waiting to greet you each Sunday, assist you with seating, take up the offeratory and manage the Sanctuary area.

American Baptist Women - This national women’s ministry is a vital program at this church, empowering women and girls to become and develop as people of God through its missions work and social gatherings.

Chancel Choir - Our adult choir makes joyful noise for the Lord, serving the congregation each Sunday through their worshipful gift of song.

Circle of Concern - The women's sewing circle meets twice a month for lunch, fellowship and good, old-fashioned work with everything from knitting needles to sewing machines. A vibrant group, they are continuously raising money both for charity and for the upkeep of the church.

Classes - A variety of Sunday school classes and Bible-based studies are available. Most are held on Sunday mornings, while a few meet in the evenings.

The Jubiliers - The handbell choir, with its gorgeous three-octave ringing, is featured in church services for special music Sundays and many holiday events.

Media Team - Under the direction of the Trustees, this group manages to make everything sound great on Sunday mornings. Trained to work the Sanctuary sound system, they are our go-to guys for managing the church's growing technological equipment.


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