WORD & WORSHIP : Worship Experience

If you are planning on attending a service at First Baptist, you may be wondering what to expect.

Sunday School
Sunday morning worship begins first with Sunday School. Personalized classes, divided by age, grade and interests, serve all of the individuals in our church, from preschoolers through to senior adults.

Children's Worship
After coming forward to listen to the Children's Story, kids 12 and under head off to Second Hour. Fun, Bible-oriented activities and a snack are provided for elementary-aged children through to preteens downstairs, while young teenagers are welcome to assist Second Hour leaders or remain in church as they transition into adult worship. All the children sing, pray, play games, and learn important Bible truths during these half-hour lessons.

Child Care
A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers up to three years during the worship service. This warm, inviting environment helps show children from the earliest ages that church is a loving place to be, leaving parents welcome to rejoin the congregation for the remainder of the service.

Music is a large part our worship service. Any given service may include traditional hymns, uplifting gospel songs, contemporary choruses or reverent, worshipful compositions. The congregation sings several hymns and praise choruses, with either or both choirs performing an anthem or special piece prior to the sermon. Occassionally, special solos, duets, ensembles, and instrumentals are featured to create a lively and spiritual worship service.

A special time in the service is devoted to prayer. Needs from inside and outside the church family frequently are made known, especially those requests for support during illness or personal crisis. The congregation prays together, with the worship leader or pastor speaking on behalf of everyone.

Liturgy & Ritual
The term "liturgy" is derived from Greek words for "people" and "work." The church's public worship of God is the work of the Christian people. Though Baptist services are not steeped in heavy liturgical elements, we do celebrate how God moves in our lives in several different ways during the course of a typical worship service. From saying the Lord's Prayer out loud together during the Invocation to rising to sing the Doxology before the offering, these ritualistic elements help draw us closer, forming one living expression of worship.

During the service, tithes and offerings are received. More than a collection to pay church bills, this, too, is worship. Our members feel that tithing and offerings declare that God comes first. It recognizes His blessing, expresses faith and seeks His guidance in everyday life. The ministries of First Baptist are supported solely by free-will giving, pledges and gifts from our church family and friends. During this time, both guests and members are encouraged to sign the pad placed at the end of each pew, so we can acknowledge your attendence. Guests also are invited to sign the guest register, located at the rear of the Sanctuary in the Narthex.

The culmination of the service comes with the preaching of Godís Word and discussing how He works in our everyday lives. The sermons range from fervent, to practical, to inspiring. The pastor may close with an invitation for those who need forgiveness in their lives to come forward and accept Christ as Savior. Those who feel a need to rededicate their lives to Christ are also invited to come forward.

Special Events
Don't be surprised if you enter First Baptist and see an unconventional worship service. Occassionally, special events, from baptisms and children dedications to visiting choirs, give us the opportunity to worship and celebrate God and the spiritual gifts He gives us in different ways. Once a month, we serve communion. All baptized Christians are welcome to join us at the Lord's Table.

We invite you to come and experience a personal,
uplifting worship experience at First Baptist.


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