As Baptists we are always striving to be better Christians then we were the day before. Following Jesus is a life-long commitment and it is not a path that can be traveled alone. At First Baptist we help provide the tools people need to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. In thought, in word and in deed, together we are a community of faith.

Sunday School & Worship
There are two different classes for adults every Sunday morning. The first is the long-standing Fidelity Class, which meets in the library at 9:30 am and is composed of the senior adults of the church. Class members are led through the Bible and have stimulating discussions together. One Sunday a month, a breakfast of coffee and donuts is donated by a class member to offer an extended time of fellowship for everyone. The class elects officers to represent the group and regularly contributes their Sunday School offertory toward large projects, such as repainting the Fellowship Hall. The second Sunday School class for adults is held in the Fellowship Hall and is designed specifically for couples and singles who are juggling fast-paced careers and growing families. This group offers younger adults the chance to take a breather and commune together as they delve deeply into how the Word of God can help them on a daily basis in their lives. Our worship service is held Sunday at 11 am. To learn more about the worship experience at First Baptist, go here.

There are numerous opportunities for exploring the musical side of worshipping God. First Baptist has both an adult vocal choir, called the Chancel Choir, that leads the Sunday worship service every week and a handbell choir which performs regularly and for many special occasions and holiday events. The Chancel Choir is open to all ages in high school and up, while the bell choir accepts membership for anyone ages 6th grade and up. Additionally, church members and guests regularly participate in special solos and music-related activities, like visits to other congregations and fellowship events together. There is also participation available within the Music Committee, where you don't have be gifted with musical abilities to be involved in strengthening First Baptist's ministry. To learn more about these activities and the music program, go here.

American Baptist Women (ABW)
This national womenís ministry, which has been a vital program at this church for many years, empowers women and girls to become and develop as people of God through its missions work and social gatherings. From worshipping God together at national and regional conferences and events, caring for one another through fellowship and prayer, and developing spiritual gifts with varied leadership activities, ABW is a gathering place for the women of First Baptist. AB Womenís ministries provides a rich opportunity for women to be partners with God in building a faith community with strong interpersonal relationships, a commitment to nurturing the discipleship of Godís people, and a dedication to reaching beyond the church doors in outreach and invitation. Every year our ABW group chooses a mission project to work toward, just as the national ministry does, and meets regularly once a month to have devotions and a luncheon together, communing in faith and fellowship with God and each other.

Membership & Baptism
Joining First Baptist is a symbol of the wonderful commitment you are making to God. Being baptised in Christ's name is a public way of affirming your new faith in Him, and celebrating with the family of believers you have joined. There a several ways to become a member at First Baptist, and specific reasons why being baptised as an adult can enrich your faith as a Christian. To learn more about how you can become a part of our church family, go here.

Service to the Church
Helping out at church doesn't end with throwing some change in the offertory plate once a week. At First Baptist we put our passions into action. From taking a turn watching the infants once a month during the worship service to more labor-intensive activities, like moving old furniture during our semi-annual Church Work Day, there are opportunities to help out all the time. Just as pioneer families came together to build their neighbor's barn or raise the steeple of the one church in town, we are a community of faith built on purpose and action. Our church members are invaluable for the love they contribute with their hands, minds and hearts. We find that caring for our church and our community strengthens the bonds among us. To find out more about the groups and committees that make up our church's foundation, go here.

Special Events
There's a longstanding religious joke that ends with this punchline: "...and we knew they were Baptists because they brought the casseroles!" And it does seem like we enjoy eating a lot together. But then again, fellowship is always made sweeter with a side of scalloped potatoes and a slice of chocolate cake. We have many special events at First Baptist that provide an opportunity for church members to form stronger relationships. Our largest event is the annual church picnic, held every summer. We worship, sing, paddleboat, fish, swim, laugh, and of course, eat together. The Ladies Banquet, held every year near Mother's Day, is an opportunity to honor the women of the church. The men are charged with managing the kitchen and serve as wait staff, and every year the Fellowship Hall is packed. There is the annual fall hayride and bonfire at a church member's family farm, field trips to different locations like the zoo, and plenty of workdays for cleaning and decorating the church. And, lest we've strayed from the subject of eating, four times a year when we have our quarterly business meeting, we hold a large, Sunday potluck dinner. Who said you can't mix business and pleasure?


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